(duration ~ 13:00)
Guitar concerto
Orchestration – 1111 1110 perc (2),timp,hrp,strings,solo guitar (amplified)

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Program note –

Shadow Dances is the most recent of a number of works commissioned by Timothy Kain, head of guitar at the ANU School of Music.
Originally called Images, it was premiered by him in 2000 with the Academy of Melbourne.
The HC Coombs fellowship at ANU in 2004 provided me with the opportunity to revisit the piece and rework many aspects of the form and orchestration, hence the new title.
The guitar writing in Shadow Dances has been very much informed by my long association with Tim Kain , who has been guiding me through the labyrinth of mysteries surrounding guitar composition since 1989.
His ongoing support for my work in the form of frequent performances, recordings and regular numerous commissions has since resulted in a total of seven pieces either featuring or including guitar.
Shadow Dance opens with an abrupt explosion that immediately settles into a fluid texture of sustained dissonance. Fragments of colour and melody evolve and build towards the first guitar entry.
In a gentle exploration of polychromatic lyricism, the orchestra resonates and responds to the gestures of the guitar, creating an intimate dialogue between soloist and ensemble.
An extended free-form cadenza forms a bridge to the “dance”, a pulsating, high energy sequence of rhythmic invention based on repetition and variation.