(duration ~ 20:00)
Orchestration – 3333,6431, perc. (3),hrp,strings, solo piano

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Program note –

Piano Concerto is testament to my ongoing association with one of this countries leading exponents of contemporary keyboard music, Michael Kieran Harvey.
In a single movement, the work is constructed from a series of episodes that range in character from introspective reflection to aggressive and rhythmically driven motoric music.
The opening solo piano introduction establishes focus on the soloist which is maintained for the whole work and rather than developing into a musical dialogue between orchestra and piano, the orchestra becomes an extension of the piano colour and textures.
Commissioned by Symphony Australia for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Michael Kieran Harvey and premiered at the Melbourne Concert Hall in 2000, the piano concerto underwent a major revision during the period of the Coombs Creative Arts Fellowship at ANU undertaken during 2004.