(duration ~ 20:30)
piano, violin, cello

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Program note –
Veiled string melodies & flowing piano gestures form the basis for the opening of the work. This sustained lyricism rapidly gains momentum, becoming increasingly excitable & aggressive in nature for a brief period. The energy is quickly dissipated, pointing towards a calm, yet unresolved ending.

The second movement is music of a contemplative nature, providing a stark contrast to the extrovert energy of the two outer movements. The piano supports a dialogue between violin & cello, underpinning the colour & intensity of the melodic contours with repetitive accompaniment figures & chordal gestures.

The final movement is a challenging & virtuosic scherzo featuring a dazzling display of furious semi quaver passages, aggressive rhythmic devices & whimsical, jazz influenced melodies.

Piano Trio was commissioned by The Macquarie Trio (resident at Macquarie University) for their 2003 National Subscription Series with generous financial assistance from the Australia Council.

I. (5:30)
II. (9:00)
III. (6:00)