(duration ~ 8:00)
bass clarinet and digital delay

This work is currently withdrawn from the catalogue, but can be heard on the album ONOMATOPOEIA

Program note –
Onomatopoeia was written following an intensive study of the contemporary bass clarinet repertoire with leading dutch exponent, Harry Spaarnay, & represents a release from the rigours & discipline that surround much of the twentieth century repertoire into a more relaxed, psuedo improvisational style – although ironically, the piece is actually fiendishly difficult to perform.
A unique soundworld is established by remaining for much of the piece in the upper register of the instrument & incorporating techniques such as circular breathing, multiphonics, slap tongue, & flutter tongue.
A digital delay system is used to repeat phrases 4.5. seconds after they have been play & also to “hold” & loop highly rhythmical motives or “cells” which then act as accompaniment for the “live” performance.