(duration ~ 14:00)
String quartet

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Program note –
I knew of the Elektra string quartet’s predilection for performing rhythmic, groove-based music, to which I too, must confess being rather partial. So when they approached me to compose a string quartet, I realised this as an opportunity to bridge and explore some of the various dichotomies, or oppositions in our cultural life-world; that is, ‘classical’ /Vs ‘popular’, “serious’ Vs/ light-hearted, even humorous, etc.  The image / metaphor of wire, with its multiple associations of violin strings, telegraph wires, electrical discharges and [strange icy harmonics generated by the ‘wind in the wires’ ?]  allowed for many musical possibilities.
High Tension Wires begins with the defining groove of the work, with sections of the first movement, like the third, are influenced by ‘crooked’ Balkan rhythms, with earthy ‘crunch’ effects, grunts, and slides, (Rudi, Romano and I go back a long time, even before we played together in the circus of …life?!) These ideas, contrasted by at times soaring and lyrical, at other times atmospheric, almost static melodies balance the more relentless and driving energy of the overall work. Apart from the above, I will let the High Tension Wires speak, or rather sing, for themselves.