glass soldier

Original score by Nigel Westlake

Based on a true story, Hannie Rayson’s THE GLASS SOLDIER is a deep, sincere tribute to two generations of Australians that had little, but gave everything.

When artist Nelson Ferguson went to war, he promised his sweetheart Maddie that he would not die.

But for keeping that promise, the gods exacted a terrible price: the destruction of the sight that was his livelihood and the spirit that made his life sweet.

Only his mate Wolfie understands his pain; only Maddie has the faith to outlast it.
“It’s a story of love, mateship and the bond between husband and wife, friend and friend, father and son,”  says MTC Artistic Director Simon Phillips.

“But it is also a time capsule, a former Australia preserved like an old love letter, aching like an old war wound,

showing how two generations endured and how enduring they were: those Australians from the first half of the 20th century,

whose spirits were tempered by two World Wars and the Great Depression.”

The soundtrack album of the score is available on Move records