Original score by Nigel Westlake


1998 Winner APRA music Award ~ Most Performed Classical Work.

1996 Winner AGSC / APRA Award for Best Soundtrack Album

The Edge tells one of the great stories of humankind - the story of discovering and coming to terms with the ancient, complex and fragile world we live in.

Australia's Blue Mountains wilderness is a unique and exquisitely beautiful part of that world.

In October 1994 an explorer found himself standing in a grove of dinosaur trees that, until that moment, were believed to have been extinct for more than sixty million years.

They are huge - 120ft tall - and they look like no other living thing. Their location is absolutely secret.

The film crew agreed to be blindfolded for the journey there, so that the audience of The Edge could have the extraordinary privilege of being taken to see this awe-inspiring site.

 For now this extraordinary environment with its unique plants and wild life is still here: The web is torn but much of it survives.

We have a chance of protecting it from any further loss.

 The Edge is a Heliograph Production directed by John Weiley.

It was released in 1996 and is distributed by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

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