Babe pig in the city

Original score by Nigel Westlake


Having triumphed at the National Sheepdog trials, Babe returns home a hero. But after farmer Hogett (James Cromwell)

suffers from a farming accident, Mrs. Hoggett, a naive portly woman, is left to work the ranch alone. It's not long before the bank comes knocking.

Desperate to save her farm from foreclosure, she accepts an offer for Babe to perform his sheepherding abilities at an overseas state fair.

Babe, Mrs. Hoggett, Ferdinand the duck, and the singing mice travel across the ocean to a surreal metropolis, where they suddenly become stranded and separated.

Soon Babe is performing with circus apes, being chased by wild strays, and making a new wheelchair-bound canine friend.

He also is anointed leader of the animal community.

What Babe lacks in street smarts he makes up for in honest goodness as he teaches audiences yet again that an unprejudiced heart can mend a broken world.

George Miller ~ Director

George Miller ~ Screenwriter

Judy Morris ~ Screenwriter

Mark Lamprell ~ Screenwriter

Bill Miller ~ Producer

George Miller ~ Producer