The Glass Soldier – music from Hannie Rayson’s epic play / MD3318

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Conducted by Jean Louis Forestier
Geoffrey Payne – Trumpet

Including Westlake’s Glass Solider Suite and a selection of iconic works from the period.

Track Listing

The Glass Soldier Suite Nigel Westlake
1 . The Glass Soldier 3:16
2.  The Age of Destruction 6:29
3. White Birds Fly Over the Valley of the Somme 4:12
4. Symphonies of Glass 4:53
5. I Was Blinded But Now I See 5:46
6. The Minstrel Boy Thomas Moore 2:47
7. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Charles Hubert Hastings Parry4:14
8.  The Last Rose of Summer Thomas Moore 3:21
9.  Sussex by the Sea William Ward-Higgs 1:29
10. Invercargill Alexander Frame Lithgow 2:07
11.  Stony Broke in No Man’s Land Jean Schwartz, Sam M Lewis3:07
12. Je Te Veux Eric Satie3:52
13.  Romance Without Words, Op. 17 No. 3 Gabriel Faure2:09
14.  The Sounds of Villers-Bretonneux 1:19

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