Ali’s Wedding – Original motion picture soundtrack

Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Nigel Westlake conductor
Joseph Tawadros oud
Slava Grigoryan guitars
Lior vocals

Track Listing

The Date Seed Parable – 05:59
Minaret in Moonlight – 04:04
Let the Journey Begin – 03:19
A Lie Begins in the Soul – 01:48
In Loving Memory – 04:08
As Fire Burns through wood – 05:21
The Tea Ceremony – 02:56
Train Station Wedding – 04:57
You Deserve to be Loved – 02:23
This I know – 03:16
I Want to be the Son You Deserve – 05:33
The Rocket will Launch – 02:44
The Streets of Basra – 01:27
Ma Wadani Ahadun – Until the End of Time (from Compassion) – 03:36

Total playing time – 50:21

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Nigel Westlake & Lior perform “Until the end of Time” from Ali’s Wedding with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
(Footage courtesy of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, BigPond and ABC Classic FM)

Ali’s Wedding CD Booklet